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HuffPoLive discussion of my op-ed on Islamophobia

My piece on Islamophobia in American politics after the Sikh temple shooting went viral because it raised an issue that went ignored by the media coverage of this tragedy. It inspired the newly launched Huffington Post Live, who thought it was worth exploring more in-depth in a segment of its own. HuffPoLive asked me to join others in a live online discussion of politicians’ accountability in the rash of hate crimes across America in the past week. It was great to get out points that I left out of my article, but as always, there wasn’t enough time to touch on everything!

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  1. Mohammad Abdul Wahab
    Posted March 10, 2013 at 11:34 am | #

    When did Gazala went into the Indo-Pakistan Border?, I have no knowledge, if it is os, She did a wonderful thing,I wish her all success and long life and best of health and happiness.

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